Sunday, August 16, 2009



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Saturday, August 15, 2009


I love fall, perhaps it's my favorite time of year, when the new Styles roll around, and I get to buy a new coat specifically for the occasion.
It's not to Cold, and It's definitley not Hot. And slowly Fall fades into Winter.
Coats can go over just about anything, but they are especially good with dark jeans, (Skinnys!) and skirts.

Get colorful while in the midst of everyone else wearing dull (normal) fall colors, so you can stand out.
(Show your personality!)


Rocket Dogs

Rocket Dogs are definitley some pretty amazing shoes... so go to a shoe store near you and get some baby!! (;


For the record, I love converse, but EVERYONE is wearing them. I personally like to be unique in a crowd full of people wearing Converse with their dresses, baby. That's just me.
So It is up to YOU and ME to find something different...
How about some Zoe & Zac's ?!
They are the new Ballet Flats and Mary Janes.Okay, yeah, NOBODY wears Mary Janes unless they have to, but why not change up the style before everyone else? Stop following the trends and MAKE YOUR OWN (;
They are great for just about anything. (; And they're Eco-Friendly as well, so that should make some of you happy... I know I'm happy! (;

Flippie Floppies

Here are some shoes that are totally in style right now, but of course are not over used. (Like they were two winters ago... flip flops were over-populating all four seasons and it was kind of seriously ridiculous.) OLD NAVY has the BEST flip flops, and they last quite some time. (;

Friday, August 14, 2009

Peace Signs and Heart Symbols

I'm sorry... no actually I am not, but people think that the "Peace Sign" Is over-used. Well it isn't, now that the "Heart Symbol" has over populated the Peace sign.

So, in other words,

Heart sign = OUT

Peace Sign = IN

Peace Sign is still rocking on (;

Ray Bans

Aviators are quickly fading out while Ray Bans Original, are coming in and staying in!
(Of course, you knew that, right? (; )
They complete every outfit, whether you're going to the beach with your friends or going to brunch with your bffs, these will look hot on you!